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About Us

Brand Story:

Wicktale observed the rampant monotony and the torture against humour and light fading on quirks, it became sentient. And thus it embarked on a journey of helping people relax in an atmosphere that is anti-seriousness and pro silliness. Basically a candle with poor social skills and no filter.

What do we stand for?

Wicktale stands for people who don’t easily fit into the consensus of what society thinks is correct. Burning one wick at a time breaking the stereotype of what’s good and what’s bad.

Be unapologetically you always, there is always someone who wouldn’t like you no matter what you do, don’t rely on others to validate you. Give up the notion of the need to be nice, just be authentic. Be free of the incessant slavish notion that you have to fit in at all cost. Be real, celebrate you as you are. Humour makes it perfect for flaunting it in your home or for gifting.

At Wicktale we celebrate all the quirks, rebels and being who you are. Each Wicktale product is designed with an empowering notion of giving it back to (the society – cut this) being you. Smile, love yourself and remind yourself how special you are every-day.

Our Purpose

We’re Wicktale, the genesis of our brand lies in the many stories shared over a simple wick.

We’re for the candle lover who comes home at the end of a rainy day, draws a bath and lights a candle to make himself/herself feel better instantly. We’re also for the non-candle-lover who knows a candle lover who comes home at the end of a rainy day draws a bath and you know the drift.

We’re for tear strewn nights without a soul in sight, We’re for  your first kiss or your first fight, We’re for good days, bad days, and days you wish were simply nights We’re for family dinners, and for eating alone
We’re for losing faith and finding ourselves. We’re for the cool cats and the rug rats
We’re for book worms and binge watchers
We’re for day dreamers and goal catchers
We’re for dirty dancers and home aloners
We’re for the good, the bad and all stories we wish we never had
We’re for smelly farts, stinky shoes and musty rooms
For a drink alone or with a friend or a fool
We’re for celebrating life
And letting go what isn’t nice
For everything life can throw at you,
Rest assured that we’ve got a candle for that too
And so while we can’t smoothen out the creases and comb out the issues,
We hope that a simple candle will bring you
some solace, some peace, some joy
and perhaps our Wicks will make you feel alive & anew
We’re Wicktale and we’re here to light up your world
We’re here to help you win the fight,
And when things go wrong,
We hope that we’ll make it
…just a little right.

Smells like a cold shower on a hot day
and good times with friends cray
Like winning… an argument with mom
and a hot cup of coco, in the midst of a storm.
Smells like a pay raise
and stay-in-bed days
Smells like a polite smile from a cute stranger
and acing a test like Hermione Granger
Smells like a honeymoon phase that never ends
and an evening with your favourites blends.
Smells like the FRIENDS theme song
like nothing could ever go wrong.
Smells like Mom ka pyaar
and full on sanskar
Smells like pajama parties and pancakes
and winning a hand with high stakes.
Smells like quality time with the fam
Like a million likes on the gram,
Like freshly baked cinnamon rolls,
Like karma getting back to the trolls,
Smells like a life filled with your favourite scents
and like smelling good is the latest trend!

Something about the founders

Ayushi Jain, with great support from her husband, Mr Karan Jain launched her 1st start-up The Décor Remedy in August 2018.

In 2019 she was awarded by the Good Homes magazine for her work and shortly after nominated for Elle Décor International Design Awards India in 2020. The Décor Remedy has been called out in various publications for its designs, work and recently labelled under the Top 5 online brands by the Ideal Homes and Garden.

“Wicktale Started as a thought in March 2020 when the world was hit by a global pandemic. Quickly the excess free time became handy to help deal with all the uncertainty and anxiety” says Ayushi Jain.

She started working on the idea as a release and hoping to turn into something positive. “Having studied psychology, I knew that the pandemic, national lockdown can have an adverse effect on my mental health, I wanted to use my energy to do something productive. I buried myself in this project. The content is light hearted and mildly sarcastic, humour can put anyone in ease.” Says the 32 year old entrepreneur.

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Where to find us

Plot 21 sector 25
Faridabad, Haryana 121004


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